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09/24/10 Bundestagsdelegation meets SAIS German Club 

On Friday, September 24, the EU delegation of the German Bundestag came to SAIS to meet with SAIS students. We discussed topics ranging from immigration to economic governance and exchanged views on to the role of Europe and the United States in the world. The delegation consisted of Gunther Krichbaum (CDU), Chairman of the Committee, Michael Stübgen (CDU), Thomas Bareiß (CDU), Heinz-Joachim Barchmann (SPD), Gabriele Molitor(FDP), Alexander Ulrich (DIE LINKE) and Viola von Cramon-Taubadel(BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN). Thank you to the Center for Transatlantic Relations and Dan Hamilton for moderating the debate!



11/09/09 John McCain and European diplomats tear down the wall 



Polish DCM Wojciech Flera, Andrej Droba, Slovak DCM, Zoltán Gábor, Hungarian DCM, Vilma Anýžová, Head of the Cultural Section of the Czech embassy, and German Political Minister Christoph Eichhorn (left to right).




German Club President Nikolas Foster with CTR Director Dan Hamilton, Senator John McCain and CTR Deputy Director Kurt Volker (left to right).


09/22/09 German Club hosts debate and election at SAIS

Five days before the Federal Elections in Germany, a group of five students explained the five leading political parties and their programs to an interested audience. At our subsequent issues based elections, Daniel Bloemers  won a deserved victory for his SPD. It looks like the SPD should seriously consider drafting Daniel for the 2013 election! We would like to thank Alice Kelley, senior producer at ZDF, for her introduction and moderation of the lively debate! 

The election results at SAIS

Not one vote for chancellor Merkel!?

The deservedly so happy winner


09/04/09 German Club welcomes new students at Student Club Fair

It was another great Friday afternoon at SAIS. We recruited 68 new interested students for our aticities. We are still evaluating how much our postergirl Claudia augmented this number...



10/18/08 German Club and Heinrich Böll Foundation host Reinhard Bütikofer for discussion on new transatlantic climate dialogue

For our first major event of the fall semester, we hosted the German Green party leader Reinhard Bütikofer. After sharing his insights about transatlantic climate and energy policy with an interested crowd of about 40 students, Mr. Bütikofer answered questions about the necessity of a US climate legislation, the future of renewables, and Germany's decision to phase out nuclear energy. We would like to thank Mr. Bütikofer for this interesting afternoon and our friends at the Heinrich Böll Foundation for their support.  


09/28/08 Club meets Ms. Heuser at the Bertelsmann Foundation, Washington

After accepting our invitation to join the Advisory Board of the German Club SAIS, Ms. Heuser hosted a lunch at the newly opened offices of the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington, D.C.  Ms. Heuser, who previously led the Bertelsmann Foundation's Brussels office, told us about her take on the upcoming presidential election in the United States and the prospects of the transatlantic relation in the 21st century.  During our meeting, we furthermore learned about the Bertelsmann Foundation's work in the US.  We'd like to thank her for the hospitality and look forward to further meetings and cooperations! 



4/18/08 Club hosts event about German military engagement in Afghanistan

We thank all panelist for a very interesting afternoon.




4/11/08 Club announces upcoming event about the German military engagement in Afghanistan

On April 17th the German Club in joint efforts with the Strategic Studies Department at SAIS will hold a panel discussion under the title:

From Kunduz to Kandahar? German Military Engagement in Afghanistan.

We are very pleased to have won over four highly recognized experts on the topic. The event will take place on April 17th from Noon - 2 pm in the Kenney Auditorium in the SAIS Nitze Building. For detailed information please click here



German Club hosts event at SAIS about the 1968 years. Dr. Philipp Gassert of the German Historical Insitut spoke about the topic "1968- Student Revolution and Cultural Change in Postwar Context." Subsequently, the German movie "The Edukators" (Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei) was shown.




At 1:00 p.m., Senator John McCain gave a keynote address "Why Freedom Still Matters." You can read the transcript here and listen to the speech here.  

At noon, we were joined by Christoph Eichhorn, head of political department of the German Embassy; Zoltán Gábor, the Deputy Chief of Mission of Hungary; Andrej Droba, the Deputy Chief of Mission of Slovakia; Wojciech Flera, Deputy Chief of Mission of Poland; Vilma Anýžová Head of the Cultural Section of the Czech embassy to tear down the wall. You can watch the videos here and here.

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