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About Us

Our mission statement is:

The German Club SAIS aims to further professional, academic and cultural relations between the SAIS community in Washington D.C., Bologna and Germany. We hope to:

  • link former, current, and future students in a broadened Alumni network,
  • inspire dialogue and partnership,
  • help new generations of aspiring leaders to make the transatlantic friendship an essential part of their lives.

An essential part of our work is being done by our current students in Washington D.C. The local German Club uses the inspiring intellectual environment to organize three types of activities:

  • academic events in the D.C. area with speakers from Germany and/or Germany related topics,
  • cultural events to bring parts of German tradition and culture across the Atlantic,
  • professional events which give students the opportunity to talk to high-profile Germans in an informal environment.



The 2012/2013 Team

  • TBD

The 2011/2012 Team

  • President: David Rosskamp
  • Vice Presidents: Jakob Liermann, Lisa Heinrich
  • IT: Lisa Heinrich

The 2010/2011 Team

  • President: Lena Diesing
  • Vice Presidents: Cornelius Fleischhaker, Isabel Hofmann, Thilo Schroeter
  • IT: Thilo Schroeter

The 2009/2010 Team

  • President: Nikolas Foster
  • Vice President: Daniel Bloemers
  • IT-responsible: Johanna von der Weppen

The 2008/2009 Team

  • Co-President: Nikolas Foster
  • Co-President: Jens Wirth
  • Vice President: Florian Theus
  • IT-responsible: Julia Braunmiller

The founding members and 2007/2008 Team

  • President: Philipp Gallhöfer
  • Vice President: Daniel Kollmann
  • Vice President: Florian Theus
  • Honorary Member: Rana Deep Islam


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Latest News
Join us for the next EuroLunch on Monday, Feb 13 @ 12:30pm at Nitze on the 5th floor.
Carneval Party
On Feb 20 German Club goes Carneval. Join us @ Local 16 at 8:00pm. Tickets will be sold in the SAIS Lobby.
German Club Happy Hour @ SAIS
Join the German Club for a happy hour at SAIS, 1740 Massachusetts Avenue, on December 9 from 5:30 pm.

Friedrich Schröder
SAIS verfolgt einen einzigartigen Ansatz...Dass dieser Ansatz von Erfolg gekrönt ist und man dauerhaft davon profitieren kann merke ich bei meiner Arbeit im Auswärtigen Amt in Berlin Tag für Tag.
(Friedrich Schröder)